The flow of energy

One way of looking at our world and the processes that take place within it is as a great system formed by the flow of energy through various kinds of filters. We live in an energetic universe – all matter, tangible and intangible, is energy. The flow of energy through a filter proceeds like this:

it comes in

it is processed

it goes out

No filter exists in isolation; all filters are part of a larger network, an interconnected system. What is the purpose of processing energy through a system? It is the process of life. Health and wellness in the system come from balance and integration of all constituent parts (filters). Things can move through smoothly, or they can get stuck. When energy flows, life happens. When energy gets stuck, or when filters within the system experience imbalance or disintegration, life stagnates and breaks down. Blocked energy is the cause of disease, degradation, and death. Breaking up, processing/digesting and passing on the energy is the way toward health and wellness.

We ought not oppose or force the flow of energy, but allow it to flow according to its own will, and process it the best way we can according to our own particular filter. It is not up to the filter to choose what comes in and what goes out. We must welcome everything as it comes. The ultimate limitless source of all energy is Spirit, which has a will of its own which we as components within the great system of life can never fully comprehend. It is also not up to us to generate the energy, but rather to build, strengthen and refine our filters. When the filter is ready, the energy will flow on its own.


The flow of energy takes many forms, as do the filters:

IN THE BODY: physical digestion of food through the intestines; flow of blood to the muscles and organs; flow of air in and out of the lungs; flow of nerve signals through the spine, nervous system and brain

IN THE MIND: mental processing of sense experiences, inner and outer information

IN THE ARTS: the flow of ideas, creative inspiration and expression

IN BUSINESS: the flow of inventory, people and capital through the organization

IN FINANCE: the flow of deposits and loans

IN TRAFFIC: the flow of pedestrians, bicycles and motor vehicles through the streets

IN NATURE: the flow of water through rivers, lakes and oceans

IN UTILITIES: the flow of liquid through plumbing systems, and electricity through electrical systems

IN COMPUTING: receiving, processing and transmitting data

IN MATERIAL GOODS: receiving, using, and disposing / giving away possessions

IN RELATIONSHIPS: the exchange of conscious attention

IN THE JOURNEY: seeking, confronting and overcoming challenges


What is a good filter?

– one that can accept a wide variety of inputs, process them, and turn them into healthy, positive outputs

– put differently, one that knows and accepts its role and place in the system, and does what is necessary to promote balance, sharing of energy and integration with other filters

– a clean, empty, welcoming and well-defined processing environment possessing the tools, resources, skills and techniques necessary for transformation

You can see that if we take any of the examples listed above, and imagine energy becoming blocked at a point in the filter, problems would ensue.

Undigested food in the gut, blood clots, stoppages along the factory line, stale unsold inventory, a blocked and polluted river bed, traffic jams, a large group of customers waiting at a service counter, hoarding of money or possessions, excess unprocessed instructions in a computer cue – these are but a few examples of how energy can become stuck, leading to problems in the system. Blockages impede the healthy reception, transformation, and delivery of inputs.


Problems can occur at different stages. To use the example of a human mind:


Input problems

Sometimes a filter is unable or unwilling to let things come in (e.g. protectiveness, defensiveness, distrust). In humans, rigid beliefs create what we might call input bias, information bias, or simply “preferences”. Preferences are not helpful to the filter (our mind / consciousness) and negatively affect the flow of energy and the evolution of the filter itself.

This happens, for example, when we practice denial or selective listening (e.g. “I can’t handle the information – if I accept it at face value, it will force me to challenge my cherished beliefs, resulting in pain”). This is a major cause of worry, anxiety, distress, depression, unhappiness, causing contraction in our minds. We accept certain things (our preferences) and feel the need to fix/improve/change other things (that we don’t like). We push away the inputs we don’t like and try to pass them off on other people, or place blame – in essence, we accept some inputs and reject others. All this is based on the notion that some inputs are ‘ok’ while others are ‘not ok’. It is not for the filter to choose what energy / inputs it will accept – filters must accept what they are given, as must we as people. As the saying goes, it is not up to us to choose what happens to us (i.e. the input), only what we choose to make of it (i.e. the processing).


Processing problems

Distortion happens when we see things as we want them to be, rather than as they are. In people this can be the result of ‘life scripts’ – stories we tell ourselves about who we are, what the world is like and what relations between people are like. These are unnecessary limiting beliefs that deprive us of the beneficial transformative lessons that can come from processing energy in a healthy, open and unbiased way.

Sometimes the inner ‘digestive fire’ is not enough to process the incoming energy, and external support is needed to help break down the energy into digestible pieces. We may need to expand our consciousness or increase our intelligence in order to process certain events and experiences. Other times the filter itself is not well established, resulting in incomplete and inconsistent processing. This is a sign of a poorly formed personal identity, requiring us to do some personal work to strengthen and define our ‘filter’.


Output problems 

Sometimes we are afraid to let things go out (e.g. hoarding, attachment, scarcity mentality, possessiveness, resentment/grudges, fear of loss, fear of change, fear of the unknown). This of course makes the filter get clogged up. By withholding or concealing information in our minds, whether out of fear of punishment or judgement or another reason, we only serve to unnecessarily increase our mental distress and anxiety. Confessing the truth as we know it is one way to release pent up mental energy and be free of traumatic memories.

When we distort or restrict information coming in and going out to avoid psychic/emotional pain and maintain psychic/emotional equilibrium or to protect ourselves and others, we slow down the process of healing that would otherwise come from the free flow of energy. The effect of this distortion is the retarding of our personal growth and evolution – in other words, getting stuck. The way to get unstuck is to ruthlessly commit oneself to tell the whole truth at all times and be open to all forms of information without distortion.


How can we apply the ‘flow of energy’ model to pain and healing in human beings?

Pain comes from blocked energy. Pleasure comes from releasing blocked energy and feeling the free flow of energy throughout oneself. This applies equally on the physical, emotional, and mental planes. For a well-balanced and healthy life, we must not resist or deny the flow of energy, nor should we try to capture it and hold onto it exclusively. A secure and balanced philosophy of life allows for the free flow of energy through oneself out to other people and the universe at large. One is able to sense the different levels and intensities of vibration flowing through oneself without the need to attach to or identify with any of them in particular.

An insecure and imbalanced philosophy of life comes from fears of giving up too much energy to other people and not receiving enough in return. Insecurities and imbalances arise from past experiences of pain, rejection, hurt, lack, disappointment and so on. Quite often, the techniques used to cope with these traumatic experiences (e.g protecting oneself through beliefs and life scripts) do little to heal the wound and may perpetuate the suffering by causing us to hold onto the painful memory. At times we may also offload our own pain onto others in order to be rid of it, perpetuating the cycle of negativity.

Spiritual healing of mind, body and heart comes from being a clear and non-judgmental witness to pain and suffering, allowing oneself to feel it and letting it flow through oneself without holding on to it. In doing so, we can liberate others by releasing their blockages and deepen our own understanding of life by harmonizing our own energy with what is, at that moment, a complementary energy. It is a deep spiritual practice to take in others’ suffering without passing it on to someone else. We need more of this today. In some cases, we may also need to take other actions to bring about a rebalancing of energy in the world.

The human bodymind is also channel or interface that, through the processing of energy, allows for the exchange of energy between Spirit / the unmanifest world and matter / the manifest world. It is very important that we cultivate and maintain good digestion of all forms of energy: memories, past experiences and events, emotions, information, food and drink. By keeping our energy processing systems in good order, we allow energy to flow easily and thus evolution and creation to take place.


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