Be fearless – love yourself – be humble

We need each of these qualities to be a fully realized human being. They are also essential skills to practice in everyday life.

Be fearless

Many people spend most of their days living in fear.  We fear losing our job, our health, our mate, our money, our status or reputation, our possessions, our identity, and most of all our life.  Some of these fears may be justified, but most of what people worry about never happens, or doesn’t turn out as bad as they imagine.  Fear constricts our minds, hearts and bodies and prevents us from fully experiencing each moment as it comes along.  It prevents us from welcoming experience without defence or resistence and allowing the full sensory impact to sink in.  Because of this constriction, fear closes us off from feelings that we are meant to have, and makes it difficult to learn the lessons we need to learn and grow through them into a more highly evolved being.  All fear ultimately derives from the idea that “there is something I have which I might lose”.  Realize that from the perspective of your true identity, which is infinite consciousness, there is nothing that can ever be gained or lost.  Consciousness does not keep score; it seeks only to know itself.  When you release your fears and open your heart, you create a welcoming space into which love from the universe can flow.  This then resonates on the physical and mental planes, bringing positive surprises and new developments which were previously held at bay by the constrictions of fear.  At the root, fearlessness means “Whatever is waiting for me, I can take it.  Whether it is painful or pleasurable, I will survive this experience and grow from it”.  Fearlessness is faith that the universe is looking out for you.

Love yourself

Look inside your own heart and ask: do you really love yourself?  Maybe you love certain aspects and behaviours but not others.  Loving yourself is not about picking and choosing qualities, actions and moments that you like and criticizing, complaining about or covering up the others.  The love must be unconditional and all-embracing.  When you lose your fear, you can take an honest and sober look at every angle of your life, and from a place of compassion and forgiveness, say “Yes I accept that too” to everything without restriction.  Loving yourself is a prerequisite to truly loving another person, and the relationship we have with ourselves is reflected in the kind of relationships we have with other people.  How will you be able to open up completely and allow someone else to enter your most intimate spaces if you are afraid of what they might find (or what you might find)?  There can be no secrets, nothing hidden or disowned if there is to be true deep love between two people.  You must embrace this unconditional love within yourself first if you want to feel it with another person.  This means allowing yourself to be fully yourself, which includes making mistakes, learning and growing, sometimes having anger or resistance, sometimes not behaving at your best, and sometimes needing help and support from others.  It takes strength of character to see and accept the bad or ugly parts of ourselves just as much as the good parts; a weak character only wants to hear the good news and cannot tolerate difficulty when it comes across it.  If you can see the full picture of who you are and say an unconditional “Yes” to the whole thing, then you can extend the same compassion to other people and forgive their shortcomings.  This is the path toward true love.

Be humble

Humility is about realizing that you are not the biggest or most important thing in the world.  Its opposite is narcissism, which is a false self-love to compensate for deeper feelings of fear and self-hatred.  Narcissism is like putting a ceiling on our personal development through the belief that everything and everyone around us is meant to serve our own personal needs and desires.  It seeks only constant pleasure and security, and blinds us to the subtler wisdom that sometimes we may need to experience things that can seem unsettling, painful, difficult or confusing in order to learn important lessons and reach a deeper level of development.  Being humble means recognizing that you as an individual body experiencing the world through your five-senses cannot know everything there is to know, and cannot penetrate the depths time and space to reach the places where valuable wisdom awaits you.  The narcissistic mind seeks to build a warehouse of information and knowledge about the world that it can use to manipulate reality to serve its own purposes.  Distrusting and fearful, it seeks ever more information, power and control over the forces of the universe to disarm potential threats and turn them into servants of its own agenda.  The narcissistic mind sees nothing more important that its own aggrandizement and survival, and tends to create imbalances which threaten the larger environment and ecosystem of which it is but a part.  Humility calls us to transcend our own narrow selfish needs in service of a greater wisdom and a greater good.  In order to do so, we must first see the futility of following familiar paths which we have laid out for ourselves, all of which result in dead-ends, and embark on a real journey of faith, trust, unknowing, love and acceptance in service of a higher will which we may not yet understand.  The beauty and grace of humility opens a door through which we can escape the narrow and well-worn paths of ego and enter into novel territory.  Ultimately, humility is a choice to be guided by the heart rather than the mind.



~ by spiritualseeker1 on February 29, 2012.

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