The One

There is one Spirit, one Source, which gives rise to all forms of life and creation. It has many names – God, universal consciousness, the unmanifested, the Higher Self, and so on – but ultimately it is beyond all words, concepts and dualities because it is infinite and both transcends and includes all particular manifestations. It is both immanent and transcendent, and it is the aim of all true spiritual paths to know the One and unite with it.

From the One come the “ten thousand things”, the myriad objects and subjects which populate our universe. Seen from human eyes, the various manifestations of Being appear unique and different, and often seem to be in opposition with each other. We take it as given that they are different and opposing, leading to the basic misperception of consciousness. In order for there to be a universe populated by diverse creations accessible to our senses, the One must manifest in many different forms, like putting on masks or costumes to hide its true nature. Without these masks, there could be no history, no players and no show to behold, but we should not let this lead us to believe that the masks are the true nature of things.

The truth is that we are all channels (or interfaces, or filters, if you wish) through which Spirit manifests itself in a particular way. All particular manifestations, forms, and beings are subject to change and impermanence, while the One is timeless and infinite. Even time and space themselves are frames of reference to be transcended, albeit very subtle and convincing ones, necessary for the functioning of the universe and biological life. The greater part of human history is one of turning away, getting lost, wearing masks and playing games; in essence, telling a story to ourselves while obscuring the truth about creation. When you look at other people, you are really looking into a mirror, because at the deeper level of your being, you are the universe looking back at itself through a particular lens. This philosophy has been described as Advaita Vedanta or ‘non-dual’ and is expressed through the Upanishads as well as a simple little book called “The Book” by Alan Watts.

How do we reconcile the fact that things appear, and in a certain sense are, different, with the recognition that deep down everything comes from a common unified Source? The answer is that Spirit comes into being in different forms, shapes, flavours and colours, all made up of the fundamental vibratory energy of the universe, expressed through different vibratory frequencies. Moreover, all things are connected to each other and to the Source of all energy. The key is to acknowledge the differences, both subtle and major, between things as different frequencies of energy allowing for the unfolding of the beautiful tapestry of creation, bound together in the fabric of existence by a common root and source. We embark on a spiritual path when we seek to understand our own personal frequency and bring it into harmony with the vibration of the One. By doing so, we can finally see the mask that we wear for what it is, and rest in peaceful attunement with our deeper self.



~ by spiritualseeker1 on October 3, 2011.

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