Feel what you feel, and speak the truth

If I had just one lesson to share with people, this would be it. It is applicable in every situation, at all times and in all places. It is a simple lesson, but very powerful in its ability to bring us back to ourselves and restore our natural healthy state of mind.

Here are the components:


We have been taught to give greater importance to thinking than to feeling among human faculties. In the modern age, our culture tells us that we are first and foremost economic actors, and our economy depends on people’s ability to think: not only to think, but to think analytically, to solve problems, to build and maintain systems, to argue and defend a position, to make plans for the future, to compare, contrast and judge the merits of things, and to understand the components of complex objects and processes. We are dominated by thoughts and ideas that take us far away from ourselves into realms of abstraction.

Whereas thinking takes place in the mind, feeling is intimately connected with the body. We can feel through our heart, but we can also feel with our whole body, inside and out. The mind is capable of all sorts of deception, but the body does not lie. Whatever you are feeling in your body is a natural response to your present condition and what is happening at this moment. Feelings, whether they be pleasurable or painful, soothing or disruptive, share with us important wisdom about the current level of balance, health, energy and vitality in ourselves and in the situation we are in. Intuition, which is an early feeling that precedes thought, guides us toward experiences we are meant to have and away from situations which would harm us. Feeling gives us a deeper and often more accurate report of what is working well and what needs attention in the present moment than do our thoughts, ideas and concepts.

Feel what you feel

It is important that you connect with your own feelings, and distinguish them from the feelings, wishes, hopes, expectations and demands of other people around you. There are a great number of individuals earning their living by cleverly influencing the feelings of other people, not only in marketing and business, but also in politics and government, religious groups and elsewhere. Many of the major institutions in our societies, and some individual people, spend a great deal of time and resources trying to get us to feel what they feel, trying to persuade us to agree with their way of doing things and buy into whatever they are selling us. If you’re not careful, it is easy to be swayed into following these groups. While it’s true that in some cases they may have important information to share, this information should always be checked against your own inner feelings, instincts and intuition, and against a healthy dose of rational examination as well. Your own feelings are your best guide to follow in most situations, even when significant fact checking and careful planning may be required, because there is always an inner logic to your feelings. They tell you about the world, but more importantly about yourself. Feelings are signposts sent by your soul along the journey of life, and it’s critical that you follow your own path and not one laid out for you by someone else.


Besides having been told to think our way through everything and disregard our feelings, we have been persuaded to keep our feelings to ourselves. Feelings are regarded as sentimental tokens to be brought out only in private in the presence of a loved one or someone we trust, and not shared with the wider community and world. When your feelings are not given healthy expression, they can cause inner turmoil and disharmony. Feelings can convey not only personal messages, but messages useful for the proper functioning of relationships, work, growth and evolution. When we feel hurt or disappointed by an unjust act or an imbalanced situation, we must raise our voice and tell others about it. Likewise, positive experiences and interesting discoveries are gifts to be shared with others. Our lives are great stories full of twists and turns, lessons, growth and expansion and varieties of experience. One of the primary purposes of the human experience is to take the journey and tell our story to others. We are meant to share the view of the world seen from our perspective, and it is a great shame when we keep it to ourselves and hide it away in secret.

Speak the truth

Many times in life, it is more convenient or profitable to lie or avoid revealing parts of the truth. We have all caught ourselves in situations where we don’t wish to hurt another’s feelings or have our own feelings hurt. We have fled from hard or uncomfortable truths, in order to feel good today and put off dealing with something until a later time. The truth, of course, is not always painful or harmful; it can be necessary for healing, it can be ambiguous or neutral, and it can be joyful and restorative. One fact that cannot be avoided, however, is that truth is something that we must face up to directly and move through, not around. We often find this hard to do, so we take only the aspects of truth which reinforce our ego, our present beliefs and interests, and we stash the rest away in the shadow of our mind. Of course, it never goes away but remains there like a nagging cough, disrupting our peaceful balance and keeping us tethered to the past with rusty chains. Truth can be a gateway to deeper understanding, growth and expansion. Our ability to evolve depends on our capacity to face up to all situations with honesty and integrity, and see them for what they are, integrating them into our world-view and understanding. We may find it difficult to see the lesson in some of life’s experiences, but I assure you that whatever you are experiencing and feeling is absolutely necessary for your evolution along your path. So tell others what you feel and tell it truthfully. However others may react, you can rest in the knowledge that you are not deceiving anyone, most importantly yourself. It is better to process and integrate a difficult or novel truth today than to find relief by relegating it to your shadow where it will undermine your integrity now and later.

Putting this all together, we have a simple and powerful tool to guide us through the trials and tribulations of life in an authentic way: feel what you feel, and speak the truth.


~ by spiritualseeker1 on September 24, 2011.

2 Responses to “Feel what you feel, and speak the truth”

  1. If you are only guided by feelings then you will be lead astray. feelings change but TRUTH never can be changed by definition. If you are the one who makes truth then your TRUTH has little value to guide you. You see we are all capable of letting our self dictate. and TRUTH is beyond our own self centered needs and wants. That is why we NEED an unchanging TRUTH for a moral compass. Love you and hope you can find what you are seeking.

    • The TRUTH is written on our hearts. Just imagine, every one of us has his or her own moral compass, built-in, alive, and beating. Isn’t that lovely? What a gift. 🙂

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