Welcome to Spiritual Seeker

Hello and welcome to spiritualseeker.net. It is my aim through this site to share my ideas on a range of topics with you and to stimulate discussion. I hope that by expressing my thoughts, impressions, experiences and insights in the domains of psychology, spirituality, philosophy and everyday life, I can develop and integrate my own mind and hopefully offer a helpful perspective to other seekers on a spiritual path. I don’t take credit for all the ideas presented here, and I will try to acknowledge as often as possible my sources of inspiration. Ultimately I believe that all truth and wisdom comes from a single source, which has been called the collective unconscious, higher self, universal mind, spirit, God, and many other names, and is channelled through each of us into the world to be shared with others. Thus, rather than attributing proprietary ownership to ideas and concepts, I would like the focus to remain on the truthful resonance and utility of these findings, so that they can reach as many inquiring minds as possible. If you find my writing interesting or thought-provoking, please feel free to leave comments or send me personal messages. We are all on a path whose destination is unknown, so let us take the journey together and learn from each other along the way.


~ by spiritualseeker1 on September 5, 2011.

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